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Totem Solo Air for DH

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I've got a 2009 Totem Solo Air which replaced the 888RCV that came on my bike. I ride it for everything, but will be racing DH on it now. This is my only bike so in my attempt to keep it everything friendly I am sticking to the Totem. What are some recommendations to tune it best for DH? I've heard rumors about mods that improve damping and reduce brake dive, any of this legit? Looking forward to some input.
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I use a totem 2 step for DH. I bought it thinking I'd be riding more freeride/am then i got into racing. I consider myself one of the faster guys but our tracks here are more of the flowy/pedally type than the rough steep type.

Mine is 2010 and I replaced the standard damper with a DH damper. Made a significant difference on the rough stuff. Felt the HSC doing it's job more. I was also surprised to notice, after tuning the fork, adding and reducing clicks here and there as I saw fit, without really taking note where the adjusters were; I ended up with the LSC almost all the way in (about 12-14clicks and the HSC only about 3 or 4 clicks in. I do like a firmer ride on the LSC by preference though.

It may have something to do with this set up but the fork performs like sh*t until you drop a drop or two on the seals of each fork leg. Then the thing just opens up and it's golden. It feels like that after a fresh oil change too. But that smoothness only lasts for about month or so. I imagine your solo air should perform better than my two step.
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l know several people who put Totem's on Transition Gran Mal's...

if you look at the stack height axle to top of the crown -- it's really close to the same thing as a fork like the Boxxer or 888. if lm right, l think it's less than 20mm difference.

whether or you think the fork will hold up -- sure. especially one with a 1.5 steere
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