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Totem on a Nomad

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Hi Guys,
I know that some of you are using a Totem on their Nomad and I was wondering if you use it in a 180mm or 160mm setting? Do you think that with the Totem at 180mm, it still rideable for all-mountain/xc (Im getting confused with all the different names.. but well, going up!)?

Also, do you guys use a DHX air, RC4 or Monarch to match the Totem?

If you have some pics as well, that could be quite nice!
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I'm using the 180mm Totem air and run the Fox DHX 5.0 coil on the rear of my Nomad 2. It works great for XC as well as freeride etc. My bike comes in at 14.7kg.... so nice and light as well.!! :thumbsup:
I run the Totem DH Coil and the RC4, nice and squishy. With Minions and Saint brakes the bike is over 37pds/16.8kg, so really no longer on the XC side of AM, but I prefer rolling downhill most of the time anyways.

I built the bike with Whistler in mind, hence the Totem and RC4. The DH Coil is 180mm only, but I can still crawl uphill, just not gracefully :D

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no experience with a totem but for the past 8 months i had a 2007 66 rc2 eta on my nomad. really liked the feel/slackness on the downs but climbing at 180mm was tough most of the time. i really appreciated the eta feature as it made climbing very manageable. i just sold it and replaced it with a 2010 lyrik 170mm solo air with mission control dh. so far so good. not nearly as tall a-to-c as the 66 so i don't think i will miss having the eta. plus the switch dropped an easy 2lbs of the front of my bike which also contributes to easier climbing i think. the lyrik 170 weighs in under 5lbs with full steer tube and maxle. before the 66 i had a 36 talas rc2 and never adjusted down.
ancientwisdom said:
i just sold it and replaced it with a 2010 lyrik 170mm solo air with mission control dh. so far so good.
Is that the one with the hydraulic travel adjuster? A mate has just put the Lyrik DH 2-step onto his Nomad because it allows him to shorten his fork to a minimal travel setting (45mm less than full travel) for easier climbing or extend the travel all the way for maximum downhill performance. It's as simple as turning a knob.
Nice, I already have a Totem Solo Air and Im planning on ordering a Nomad with DHX air to keep the weight down a bit. I also want to go to Whistler with that bike but since this will be my only bike, I'd like the bike to be able to manage am ride properly...

I also have the option to lower the Totem to 160mm but I am wondering if that would make the bike really better for xc rides? I mean, at the end of the day, it's the same fork, same weight...

Any thoughts?

Just kidding. I'm thinking about going Totem on a Nomad. I talked with a SC product manager, and he approved.
Is that the one with the hydraulic travel adjuster?

nope. i have the dh solo air 170mm. i don't think they offer the two-step your mate has in 170mm. only 160mm and adjusts down to 115mm according to sram's website.

click the specifications tab.
Totem coil rocks!!!

I just put on the SLX dual ring crankset, and I still pedal a lot of stuff in the 36T ring. The Nomad pedals so well I hardly even notice the extra weight.

If you want 160mm, stick with the Lyrik. No reason at all for a 160mm Totem IMO. I have a Lyrik too, and it's a great fork.

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