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well my fellow MTBR members i ahve proof that the LBS is not dead in toronto. after dealingw ith a bunch of crappy shops i decided that i would venture back down to my beloved Cycle solutions.

when i got there i was me with a smile and received great service. i bought my Norco Atomik there in march and they have tuned it up since. AI recently blew my front hydrolic disc brake and iw as angry tha i ahd to get it rebled and come all teh ways down to do it so i called around too see if anyone would just give me the kit to do it myelsf, and after manytrys nobody had it

so i went down and they are tuningup my bike cheking all the nooks and crannys and bleeding my front brake. they are doing that for an incredible price of 12 down from the already extremely cheap $20 canaidan!!! ofcourse though thats cuz ive been going there for a long time and buy everything there.

i also picked up a brand new Fullface helmet a Netti AXN for 140 which is a beautiful helmet

people of toronto go to this store it provides u with great freindly service and they have a great range of products!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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