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21st Annual Toronto International Bicycle Show

Direct Energy Centre
(Formerly National Trade Centre), Hall A, Exhibition Place
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Friday, March 2, 2007
Saturday, March 3, 2007
Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Toronto International Bicycle Show is the best place to shop for bicycles and accessories, preview the newest trends in cycling from the top manufacturers and distributors plus enjoy thrilling action-packed events. The show is celebrating its 21st year in production and is one of the largest exclusive bicycle consumer shows in North America.

Some of the events will include the exhilarating Toronto BMX Jam 07 contest in the Heritage Court. This exciting Pro/Am Street contest series returns to Toronto for the 7th year, featuring many of the world's biggest names in BMX Street Course pulling unbelievable tricks on an indoor street course. Add the Toronto X Track Challenge (Mountain Bike and BMX 4X Races and the Freestyle Dirt Jump Contest) and the CFO Pro/Am BMX Flatland Freestyle Competition and you get lots of value for your admission. The show also provides valuable cycling information such as where, when and how, club enrollment opportunities, A Bicycle Film Festival, The Ryan Leech Mountain Bike Trials Show and much more

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Oooh, I may have to check this out its only about a 6 hr drive from albany.

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I've been going off and on for the last 10 years or so, more recently to catch up with people in the business I haven't seen in a while. That and I've usually been fortunate enough to get in for free.

There's a section where you'll see the major bike manufacturers and distributors have their displays of all the new stuff.

The retail side will be where all the bike shops are. They usually bring last year's bikes ('06), over stock and clearance items to sell. Discounts can be as much as 50% off their regular price. If you ask nicely, they may include either the GST or the PST in the price or even both. Some bring current model year bikes but you don't really get too many deals on those. You can find some great deals on components, clothing, lights, and shoes too. A friend went to get some shoes and this one shop had 2 pairs in her size. She got both for $25 'cause she was a size 37 and the shop figured no one else would buy them.

You 've got a couple choices of when to go. If you go the first day when it opens, you'll have the best selection on what's there. But if you go the last day you might get the better deal. If the shop can sell something rather than having to pack it up back and then unpack it at the shop they will for the most part. They tend to be more willing to bargain then.

As for meeting up, the food inside the building is crazy expensive but there are a number of bars about 10-15 minutes away. Maybe pick a meeting place and time?

Like the food, parking is something they get to put you over a barrel for. But there is a streetcar that runs to the Ex so public transit can be an option for some. For those of you not familar with the Ex, if you go by public transit go to the Princes' Gate and not the Dufferin Gate. Might be hard to get a bike on the streetcar though...
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