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I was up at Nicolet Roche yesterday. Rode it from the Boulder Lake trailhead and hit the fallen trees a couple miles out. I tried to fight through it for about a half hour but ended up bailing out on a forest road:madman: Terrible ride but a pretty spectacular sight.

What is the plan for cutting through/getting around the tree falls? I'm about an hour and a half away, but would be willing to come up and help out for a day.

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pm me your email and I will add you to our email list.

The Forest Service is looking into a crew to clear the damage from the bike trail and the snowmobile trail. They are called a "hotshot" crew. Elite fire fighters skilled in tricky chain saw work. Campsites were reserved for them at the boulder lake campground, but they haven't showed up. It appeared they were on their way, but I speculate the forest fires out West got them detailed there instead.

The Forest service won't allow us to do the work in the main damage area. but once a crew goes through we will need (and appreciate), all the help we can get to quickly clear the debris. Since you were there I am sure you noticed the upended trees and deep root ball holes in the ground. Exciting reroutes will be created/needed for sure.

If a person rides from Van Alstin and does out-and-backs to the North and South a 12-14 mile ride can still be had. Probably about 7-8 miles out-and-back from campground drive.
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