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Tora Race Question

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Hey everyone,

I had a new fork installed 2 days ago: A Rock Shox Tora Race- solo air. I have never used an air fork before but had a question about something I noticed about it. If I turn the compression adjustment knob half way between 'fully open' and 'lockout' the fork makes a PSHHHHHH air noise everytime it compresses. This may be normal, but it doesnt make any noise when it compresses while being adjusted to the fully open position. Thanks for any help!
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Its actually oil noise running through the damper shims...the more the compression damping is increased, the more pressure it takes to push oil through shims, and this makes the noise you hear.
okay so it is a normal noise then? Thank you!
yea, its normal. Im pretty sure I have the same fork as you, an 09 RS Tora Race, and when I have it on lockout it makes that air hissing sound. Dont worry about it, its all good.
Yep we have the same fork. Do you like it so far? I do.
And okay, I'm glad it's normal haha. Thanks for the help guys.
Its pretty decent. If you dont have one yet, get a shock pump so you can vary the forks compression- which is definitely nice. I think its a pretty good fork for stock, and ill probably keep it until it blows on me, or until im in the mood to buy an upgrade.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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