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I'm a data junkie, and I tend to not ride my bikes without power meters. Those are indisputable facts that simply set the stage. :)

Anyway, it was driving me nuts that the only decent option for putting a PM on the APEX-driven Topstone was to buy the CF stages arm for about 40% of the cost of the bike.

A teammate of mine called me yesterday, as he is parting out a bike to make room for another and asked if I knew anyone that needed a SRAM Red for GXP with a Quarq.... Um..... YES!!!

Blue Bicycle part Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle Bicycle accessory

So, there ya go. I met him over lunch hour and installed the crank within 15 minutes of getting home. Since I race next week, today happens to be a rest day... killing me! Will ride with power tomorrow. :)

BTW, anyone need a new boat anchor?

Bicycle part Bicycle drivetrain part Floor Flooring Crankset

_Matt E.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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