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I did a search for TopoZone here on the bikepacking forum and came up with zip, so I'll share this resource.
Combined with google maps 3d view, it's an excellent way to preview topography and get a better understanding of terrain and perhaps locate roads and trails.

Although there is an option to purchase custom maps, is free online access to USGS topographic maps. You can zoom in, pull back and print at whichever view you prefer.

This particular link is to the South Fork Red Canyon in San Juan County, Utah which has caught my attention for bike packing potential out to Lake Powell (water!) and back. If you scroll down, this specific information is provided:
elevation, coordinates, the USGS quad topo map for this particular landform, links to nearby similar land forms (in this case valleys) and the related USGS topo map where that particular land form occurs.

For example, the south fork of Red Canyon is found on the USGS Chocolate Drop quad topo map.

It was fun spending an hour or two toggling back and forth between googlemaps 3D view and the topo map.

I may be the last person to realize this, but Google maps will respond to queries for landform names. I used "Red Canyon, San Juan County, Utah" as the address query.

The result showed one red marker ("Red Canyon") in the middle of Lake Powell, because the mouth of Red Canyon is now in the middle of the damn lake. The second red marker, North Fork Red Canyon, marks the confluence of the north and south forks.
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