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Top V-Compat 29 rims (possibly tubeless-able as well)

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My new frame will be capable of many things, including V brakes.

I have a spare set of hubs, that if they don't sell, I'll probably build up with V-compatible Rims, b/c if I build the bike with traditional gears, I'll probalby use V-brakes.

Which brings us to square 1: Whats the state of the art with respect to V-brake-29er-Rims? I would kill for a pair of the old ceramic rim's, but I take it they are un-obtainium at present...

Last I checked, we had the Salsa Delgato's, and the Mav A719, I think...

What are the top choices?
*all-XC use by healthy sized smooth rider
*wide as possible, but not crazy DH/Snow-wide
*bonus for ability to tubeless convert w/out crazy risks or ghetto-izing
*light but reasonably strong
*color is non-issue
*32hole required
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Sun Rhyno Lite
WTB Dual Duty
Alex Adventurer
DT Swiss TK 7.1
NoTubes 355
Maybe WTB Dual Duty 29ers. or Sun Rhyno Lites if you can find 32 hole. Not the lightest rims in the world though.
Not sure if they're continuing with this model or not, but...

DT-Swiss TK 7.1

I wouldn't think they are easily converted to tubeless since the pair I had fit tires loose like sleeve of wizard.

DT-Swiss TK540...Possible replacement for 7.1?
Velocity Chukker
Velocity Deep-V (I know it's a road rim, but I bet it would hold up.)
Velocity Dyad (also labelled as a road rim)
Sun Ringle CR-18
Sun Ringle Rhyno Lite
Lots of good options here. It depends I suppose. I've had great luck with both Mavic A719 and WTB DD FR rims with V brakes. I really like how tires fit into the WTB rims, it's a really tight fit. They snap into place. I am considering some day getting a set of wheels built up with either Salsa Delgatos, Sun CR18's or WTB DD rims for a lighter rim'd wheelset.
I have a set of the WTB DD rims laced to XT hubs by George at Bike29. He uses the less common XC version of the Dual Duty, rather than the Free Ride version. If weight is an issue, I'd consider going wth the XC rims. Its a difference of 540g vs. 630g per rim between the XC and the FR rims.
Check out the Velocity catalog

All of Stan's rims have parallel side walls and I believe can be used with rim brakes, though not machined. Velocity has several wider rims with machined side walls. Check out the Chukker and Dyad (24mm), and the Synergy (23mm). I really like the look of the Chukker. I'm not sure how any of them would build up tubeless, but madcap has some on his Shamrock:

You could see if he's tried them tubeless.
Velocity Dyads are good and strong for the weight (sub 500g). A lighter option is the Sun EQZ21 (450g). I've been pleased with them for XC use, but maybe narrower than you'd like @ 21mm.
Velocity has a new rim called the A23 that may work for want you want. It is 23mm wide and 19mm tall and fairly new so I don't have any long term data or now if it will work tubeless.
Nater said:
...the pair I had fit tires loose like sleeve of wizard...
The quote?...very nice! Oh, and Nathan, FWIW you can still get Mavic Open Pros with a ceramic sidewall. Yeah, they're skinny but quite a few of the guys riding rigid McClung single speeds are riding them.


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Yeah, yeah, what everyone else said. I want to know what the new frame will be??
Just a note on tubeless with one of the rims mentioned. Velocity Dyads seal up great with a layer of 22mm Velox and the narrower Bontrager Rimstrips. No mountain biking on that set-up for me, but a past season of cross with pressures a little above 30 psi and no burping. Plus the rims are tough as they get used on a lot of tandems.
Thanks all for the good insights and options, good to keep in mind.

Manicmtbr said:
Yeah, yeah, what everyone else said. I want to know what the new frame will be??
It will be the Queen of All my Dreams.... :)

I'm holding out a reveal until it's done, but:
  • It will be welded with the best material available for a bicycle frame
  • It will accomodate Standard gears
  • It will accomodate SS setup w/out tensioner
  • It will accomodate Internally Geared drivetrains
  • It will not have an EBB
  • It will accomodate Disc and Canti/V brakes
  • It will have some cush but no bearings
  • It will be of Limited Availability
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