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theextremist04 said:
does the cable come up from the BB or down from the top tube? if it's above, top pull, if below, bottom pull. easy enough.
peternguyen said:
I'm pretty sure the xtr front mech is a dual pull...
Hey... I think you guys are confusing some terminology (no biggie)
but just to disambiguate... the "PULL" (top / bottom) describes from which direction the derailleur is actuated by the CABLE - usually down the seat -tube - "top' ...or up from the BB - "bottom".
What the OP asked about was the "SWING" of the derailleur.
Many current derailleurs and most older ones are of the "bottom-swing'' variety - which means the cage is attached to the bottom of of the linkages or BELOW the clamp.
After rear suspension came about, some frame designs wouldn't allow room for a bottom swing. The clamp was put below the cage to allow for split seat tube designs...even more kooky/crazy ( :p ) designs take away the any seat tube area to mount, so the der. gets mounted to the BB (e-type) - These are "TOP-swing" since the cage sits ABOVE the linkage and/or 'clamp'
Most any bike can run a top swing, but bottom swings are more limited as to what frames they will fit on.
I hope I helped... or at least kept ya from being bored for 2 seconds. (maybe I just made you even more bored - hah -ha!)

OP---after looking at the frame and the B-S XTR...I've come to the conclusion that it looks like a tight fit...the bottom of shock mount looks to be juuust above or at where the clamp would go. (BTW , I was looking at an '08 XTR and current (09?) Titus from their website.)

Maybe try a X-post in the Titus forum

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There is also High clamp and Low clamp, just to makes things more confusing...LOL
High clamp is bottom swing, and low clamp is top swing. they are the same thing though.
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