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Top swing / bottom swing, high clamp / low clamp?

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I need a 34.9 high clamp, bottom pull front derailleur, and I'm not clear on the terminology.

Please explain the differences so that I know what I'm shopping for. Thanks.
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High clamp is the same as bottom swing, because the mech swings below the clamp
Low clamp is top swing.
Neither of these are to be confused with top pull/ bottom pull.

So you want a high clamp or bottom swing that is bottom pull, or dual pull.
Alot of derailluers are dual pull these days.

Something like this.....

Yeah, I knew the difference between that and the direction of the cable pull.
I dug up this old post comparing the two types (with pics) and some personal observations as to my preference, if you're interested.
Thanks. You guys rock.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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