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This is not a condemnation of for I know nothing about them. Just sharing an experience I had today as a professional tech at my shop. A customer made an appointment to bring in an internet bike that he purchased to "fine tune it". He claims to have done nothing to the bike other than attach the handlebars to the stem. I talked with this guy for quite a while once I got into his bike and his veracity was unquestionable in my opinion. He was very excited about his new bike. To start with, both front and rear wheels had already suffered a catastrophic failure (taco'ed) in the box. The machine built wheels were tensioned so high they read an astounding 48 on the tensiometer. A nipple could not be tightened an 8th of a turn. They were run all the way up. I gave him his options at this point......try to de-tension the wheelset and start from scratch, but the no-name rim and no-name hub had me worried about this option. I quoted him a reasonable Alex front and rear for around 100 bucks.
Other concerning issues.......
Fork was labeled clearly as "Carbon Bladed" but was indeed Aluminum. Rear cassette was a one piece unit made of very soft "pot metal" When I say one piece, I mean one piece. Except for the lock ring it was all one molded or forged unit.
Rear derailleur was labeled Shimano, but no model designation and no model number on the underside.

I know for the most part I am speaking to the choir, but be careful guys with these internet "great deal" sellers.

To the sellers credit, they did offer him a complete refund including back shipping. Good deal there I think.
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