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Tokul death?

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Did someone die riding at Tokul recently?
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What makes you think that?
I was going to ride there this weekend, but caught a cold.
What makes you think that?
I was going to ride there this weekend, but caught a cold.
Pinkbike article about dangerous sports, someone responded saying they lost a good friend at Tokul this week. I asked some basic questions about what trail and if there were health conditions/etc involved (after expressing some condolences, I’m not a monster :p). But never heard back.


From a source close to the scene, yes.

Sounded like a crash with a neck injury, I'm guessing broken, that led to the death.
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There was a medical evac a week or so ago. Reports were that the rider didn't survive. There was a reference somewhere to KGB. It's been very quiet other than that.
I wonder why?
It's kind of weird sometimes what gets discussed publicly and what doesn't. I don't know the rider or anyone close to the incident. But for an event that was fairly well publicized locally (FB, next door) due to the emergency response, there has very little discussion in mtb groups.

Same with the MTBer death at the Steven's pass bike park.
Is this really true? I heard about a serious injury/rescue, but nothing of a death! Pass away from injuries in care? What terrible news if true, very sad; thoughts out to the family.
The accident was at the big stump drop towards the end of the gully section on KGB. The rider, Dave Peters, was an experienced biker, and it sounds like his friends and family have already started to work with Evergreen on planning some kind of memorial trail project. Really tragic...
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