The innovative TOGS thumb over grip system provides a fully customizable hand position that enhances comfort and climbing leverage.

Video: TOGS Thumb Over Grip-System

TOGS co-founder Rita Harvey introduces a new system and their current product line.

TOGS-Interbike 2016 Booth

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TOGS thumb over grip system are an additional hand position for mountain bikers that reduce muscle fatigue,
provide lateral stability, climbing leverage, allow full access to shifters and brakes, and enhance comfort and climbing leverage, making them a welcome addition to any rider's arsenal with minimal weight or economic penalty.

The small ergonomic extrusion for thumb-wrap is designed to enhance ride feel, comfort, and climbing leverage. Think of these as a sleeker, better engineered version of a bar-end bullhorn style hand placement extension. Best of all TOGS weigh just 18 grams, sell for only $20, and are made in the USA.

Gallery: TOGS and TOGS Graphite

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