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toe overlap?

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I'm a total noob on the clown wheels. I'm ordering a solo-one se thru my shop in medium. I default to medium frames on 26's. Every 29er I've ridden in the past (teamdicky's old dean, a buddy's fischer, a monocog, etc), my front foot forward is always into the front tire when steering and freewheelin' simultaneously. I run flats [insert heckling] and I run with the ball of my foot on the pedal axle - I wear a size 12. I guess my question is, should I order a size larger frame (size L) to get the longer TT to get the front tire ever so slightly further away from my foot? Am I just crazy? Help me...
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What's the HT angle and the fork rake on that KHS fork? I suspect you'll be okay with the Medium. What's the normal ETT length you like to use? Use that as your guide and don't stress out on the toe overlap - it shouldn't be a big deal whatsoever IMO.
I don't have the specifics on the solo one yet, I'll have that info tomorrow. You know I'm coming off a medium ridge. Thanks Mark.
You should be fine with that Medium Solo One SE - 23.6" ETT if I recall - should match up well to the Medium Ridge. Different animal than the Ridge, but she might be a nice compliment due to those differences! Rock on C!!
you rock Mark. Wojcik will be my next stop in the spring ;-)
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