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Today's Rockville ride pictures:12/4

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Rode a few new trails to me, seeing my last visit was in 93! Thanks for the ride!!

The Group

Behind the scenes

FP and WG

imjps and Pete



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Looking at your shots, it makes me realize how many fookin' times we stopped to take pics. Good times, good times.

Here's my pics and my writeup. Good riding with you!

Gary, aka fp

Beginning of the ride, getting into the swing of things. We started with 10 riders, and wound up with 6 in the main group.

As you can imagine, quite a few clusterfocks occured. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed, and no fists were thrown. The guys in the back were getting a little upset with the camera hogs jockeying for lens time, though. ;)

This was a tricky section- only one guy made the whole thing, special guest Biking Viking on a rigid singlespeed. D'oh! This is not he.

This guy is fairly new to the NorCal board, I forgot your name, sorry. (I'm such an idiot). He, along with BV, rode r-ville on an SS.

5) Eric leans into the turn. :^D

6) We've all done this, right? Busted a nut or two on the stem? Ooof! Luckily, imjps escaped unscathed. This time.

7) imjps again. Thanks for driving, dude, and for the toonage.

8) Werner, thanks for the original post recruiting for the ride (sorry I cut your head off in this shot), and thanks all, for showing up for another best ride ever! This grin says it all.

Some of us stopped at the Rockville Inn(?) on the corner for grub afterwards. As imjps described it, it's a non-descript place that we've driven by hundreds of times and never noticed, but we stopped this time, and whoo! Good sh!t. Cobb salads w/ warm chicken bits on top, motzarella sticks, hamburgers that looked pretty tasty & got thumbs up from the fellers, and a special Rockville Pale Ale on tap! MMmmmmMM. Highly recommended. Be sure to bring plenty of cash, and ignore the resident sourpuss who puts the game on instead of the Yoga Channel. >:^(

Dennis, you and Big Boulder were missed. See what you missed? Damn your eyes!

imjps & I saw this huge bird on the way home. Jim timed it just right so we could see it directly overhead thru the sunroof. Awesome.

And a few more shots.

That's it for now. I'm gonna go soak in a hot bath and check myself for ticks. :mad:

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Dang! Short sleeves and shorts?? I was FMAO at the wrong place.


Is this the Rockville right off route 80 or is it somewhere else. I rode part of the R-ville off 80 and didn't see all the fun stuff you show in your pictures. Looked like fun!!
Yup- right across the freeway from Fairfield.

LOTS of stuff to play on. Sounds like you needed a guide.

Damn! Looks like I missed out on a great day on a ride nearby AND the Drop Top Amber Ale!
francois said:
Dang! Short sleeves and shorts?? I was FMAO at the wrong place.

Looks like you guys had a blast!
Dan'ger said:
Damn! Looks like I missed out on a great day on a ride nearby AND the Drop Top Amber Ale!
It was an AWESOME ride indeed! FP-you're one funny mofo! Thanks for keeping me laughing all day when I was in a wee-bit of pain!

Looking forward to the next one!

A few more...

Thanks for a good ride guys. Felt good to ditch the studded tires for a weekend.

"Sideways Eric" had a not so good day. Biking Viking voodoo cam slammed him down on three out of four shots:


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That was great stuff! Conditions were marvelous. I thought it'd be much sloppier and slipperier but the traction was quite good. I was blown away by the number of riders that showed up. 10 MTBR denizens and the the Pleasant Hill group that showed up. I'd guess close to 16 give or take. The PH group split on their own ride but we crossed paths a few times.
The chilly temps quickly warmed up enough to loose the arm warmers. Nothing like a California December to entice those who are dealing with ummm, less pleasant riding weather. I think BV's visits have ulterior motives.

More pics

Hey fellas, thanks for the great ride today. Here are my pics. PM me if you want a high-res file... Looking forward to the next ride!
-Sang (GadgetGuy)

Big Trees

Biking Viking (2 pics)

Finch Platte proving to me that this particular boulder could in fact be done

Finch Platte (aka Fish Platter) mugging for the camera

FP action shot


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No more Drop Top Ale. Butt, they had a tasty Pale Ale called Rockville Pale ale. Oh and the food was good too. So where the Gilf's :D

Dan'ger said:
Damn! Looks like I missed out on a great day on a ride nearby AND the Drop Top Amber Ale!
1. Werner leading the charge
2. Biking Viking - rode a rigid all day long and dusted us. Nice job
3. Monkey Boy aka FP
4. Gadget Guy
5. Way steeper than it looks


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Yes the sun cam out, it was warm, lot's of laughs, lot's of trails, some carnage and close calls (how's the shoulder, Trailseeker?). Good call on Werner to call this meeting together.
1.Trailseeker & WG before the spill
2. Pete making it look easy
3. FP making it look easy, too
4. Pure joy
5. LJ0913


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You guys make it look good.

I really need to go back to Rockville.
Plot this Dweeb!

According to the Geek Tool:
Total Time (h:m:s) 3:13:39 20:24 pace
Moving Time (h:m:s) 1:57:40 12:23 pace
Distance (mi ) 9.49
Moving Speed (mph) 4.8 avg. 22.7 max.
Elevation Gain (ft) +2,657 / -2,721

Google Earth Link:


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Thanks for the great ride and company, guys. Thanks for picking me up when I fall down go boom! I'm resting and doing the ice pack thing on my shoulder. Ouch. Very fun, challenging trails.I think that beginning technical climb with the cool slickrock sidehill stuff was almost my favorite. Nice getting to see "the man" for whom those cool Tilly trails were named for. He really did donate his private land for that park. Build's new trails, too. How cool is that!!? Thanks, Geir(sp?) for schooling us on that really tricky stuff. Hope to catch y'all next time.
Cheers, Chris
Fock Me

Finch Platte said:
Dennis, you and Big Boulder were missed. See what you missed? Damn your eyes!
Tell me about it. I was so pissed that I missed the ride but when I was too late to hook up with you guys with F*ed up car and all I started loading up the bike into Char's wagon but got frustrated (no rack) and just couldn't get motivated to drive alone. Sounds like I missed a great time. Bummer
Besides Rockville, there are a few more parameters that make for a real Rockville ride.

1. Before the ride: Pete roaring up Rockville road last minute to catch the rest
2. During the ride: Good company, lots of laughter and some carnage
3. After the ride: Beer and talking **** in the parking lot. Massive MTBR picture post

All three were met today. Here's further contribution to #3:

Some reasonably friendly hikers we met down The Manzanita Tunnel of Death

Jilm doing some creative footwork to thread the notch on "New Trail".


A Turner! For a split second I think I am in Norway, but there is no snow on the ground.

Jilm's cutest smile
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I missed another one!...too burned out from the Saturday Auburn ride...bummer for me. Rockville is a 20 minute drive for me, so if anyone ever wants to go up and play in the rocks let me know!!

I'm Happy

It's nice to provide y'all with ample opportunities to photograph crashes -- nice job!

Don't let that fool ya -- I had a great time. Tried stuff I've never tried before -- that's a good day!
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