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Today's ride ( mountains, bikes, babes or blood)

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With all the rain the singletrack is off limits, but the sights aren't all that bad...

Hey! did you see that weed jump right in front of the lense?!?! ;)

really I'm just getting acquainted with the new digital ( zoom is worthless)

re: the last pic...

yeah, I know... but it's a big accomplishment for me and my non-biking friends just don't get it :D
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What rain???

are you talking about, the trail in your pic looks good. Where was that taken? I can't imagine not being able to ride in the rain, I'm glad MD,VA trails hold up like they do. Some of my best rides have been in rain/snow slippin' sliddin'. Trails take on a whole new level of difficulty with a bit of H2o.
C.Savage said:
the trail in your pic looks good
Yes, we actually have had a great w/e here in upstate NY compared to the heavy rains of late. This trail parallels the Erie canal and drains well (lots of gravel, too.) My usual hangouts are nasty mudholes lately and I was a bit disturbed to see a race being held at my favorite spot yesterday after a week of rain. I couldn't ride, but walked around to see that they've destroyed the place.... :mad: It'll take 3 weeks of dry weather to turn it around... which doesn't have a prayer of happening the way this summer is going.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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