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This is kind of like a creepy craigslist missed connection. Are they a member here? Seems too good to be true; cute blonde, tundra, Jeffsy..... good luck

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Nah.. nothing like that. Just a way of thanking the universe...That's all.
Work and other things been weighing heavy on me as of late... Got all the way up to Rancho last night only to have softball cancelled one stop light before I got to the fields due to rain/weather. Another item to pile on a shitty day.

Yah know, its like one of those things where someone just smiles and waves, or says Hi to you for no reason and give you a warm smile. Just brightens the day, nothing malicious, nothing overtly sexual (other than she was a cute mtbr), just a thanks for brightening the day. We always hear and see so much about what's wrong with the world and the bad things happening but there are good and nice people out there.

Maybe she thought I was cute?
Maybe she liked my Land Cruiser?
Maybe she saw the bike rack on the top and noticed I was a mtbr?
Maybe she could tell from a lane away that I was zoned out in my own heavy world?
Maybe she thought I was someone else?
Who knows, she took the time to roll down her window, give me a big smile and wave as she was pulling off the freeway (no other cars between us or around us). Something that simple brightened my day. That's all, and if she is on here, this is my only way of communicating that she did so, so thank you.
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