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need some advice!
i was looking into buying Gary Fisher Mullet (05) w/ disc brakes.
always wanted one, and the idea of having disc on a bike seemed really cool. the dealer had it on sale for $400+ dollars down from around $639.
i always wanted to own a Gary fisher or a Jamis, but could not afford to.
but that was back in the day, now at 52 i want another mountain bike and see prices arent that bad!
well now i have also found a Jamis dakar xc comp(03) no disc.
the dealer has it for around $650, down from $1300 ?
are the V brakes on the Jamis dakar as good as the cheaper disc that are on the Gary Fisher?
is it worth buying the Jamis Dakar w/out disc?
i think i can cough up the xtra $$s for the dakar if it's better or at least as good of a braking system.
so what do you folks think i should do here??
are disc that big of a deal?
thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the V brakes arent going to be as good, if I were you I would get the mullet, its a sick little bike. I got to ride one around for a while and I loved it. but its use is going to be odd, it has a small frame and the bike is made for freeride/enduro whare as the jamis is wayy more XC type riding. but if it were me, I would deal with the extra weight and smaller frame for the better and stronger components.

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In general, very basic disc brakes suck. They rub constantly and are very difficult to set-up.

On the other hand, good disc brakes are incredible. They are just as much an upgrade, in my opinion, as a good, modern suspension fork...

On the final hand, I agree with D-lo. Mullet vs. Dakar Comp? That's like not being able to make up your mind between a Saturn and a Humvee, or some other analogy of items that while intended for the same basic purpose, are as different as night from day. Bike shopping should not be about the best deal, but about the best bike suited for your riding intents within a pre-estabished budget.

Peace, Mike
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