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I just built up my new Riddler and wanted to post it here since it came in under 25 pounds. While is not the typical weight weenie bike, it is pretty light considering its rider is 225 pounds. I love the bike, it is not flexy for me, the fork is plenty stiff for cross country (I have a Turner for more agressive riding). Note that the built weight includes the bike as it sits with the computer and Specialized Airlock Tubes (1/2 pound penalty right there).

Specs on the Bike are:

Large Riddler Frame
Manitou Skareb Elite 80mm
Cane Creek S-2 Headset
Peformance CTR Carbon Riser Bars
Oury Grips
Titus 110mm Stem
Terry Fly TI Saddle
Sette Alloy Seatpost
Avid 1.9L Brake Levers
Avid 10 Brakes
Shimano STX 8 Speed Shifters
Shimano LX Front Der
Shimano LX Hollow Tech Cranks and ES-51 BB
Shimano XT Rear Der
Shimano XT 8 Speed Cassette
SRAM PC-59 Chain
Ritchey Comp V-3 Pedals
LX Hub/Sapiem Spoke/Velocity Rim wheelset (spinlitecycling)
WTB Nanorapter 2.1 Tires w/Specialized Airlock Tubes (well worth the 1/2 pound penalty)

As built weight 24.75 pounds according to the shop scale.

The bike could easily loose 2-3 pounds through a lighter seat, lighter pedals, lighter wheels (these are about 1900 with skewers), and different tubes and tires. I have it setup for my type of riding to be reliable and confortable which has its weight penalties.

And Finally the pictures:


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The stem is a work of art, looks to be of the same quality as the Thomson on my Turner. I am currently exchanging it for a 100mm because the Sette I originally planned to use (a good deal for $20) was supposedely 100mm and was to short. When I got the Titus stem it looked really long, so out came the tape measure. Guess what, the Titus is 110mm as advertised, the Sette was about 93-94 mm instead of the 100mm it was supposed to be.

As far as stiffness, it is stiffer than the Sette (which was not a flexy stem) and possibly stiffer than the Thomson. I never really noticed any flex with the Sette but the titus stem was noticably stiffer. BTW, I am a Clyde so I tend to flex stuff a bit more than the 150 pound guys. Bottom line to me is the Sette Stem and Seatpost are great deals at $20-25, but the Titus stem at $45 represents what appears to be a significant quality upgrade. The only thing I don't like with the stem is that it is a 2 bolt face. I wish it was a 4. I still liked it enough to get the matching seatpost!!!
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