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Titus Quasi seat tower

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Does anyone know of anyone/anywhere selling a Titus Quasi medium seat tower? as I have a Large frame with a Large seat tower and its tiny bit to big, and I wanted to tweak it by getting a medium tower. However after emailing Titus I have found out they don't have any in stock and aren't planning on making anymore which leaves me a little bit stuck :(

hence this post, and me hoping that I will get lucky :rolleyes:
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Good luck.......

Have a large Quasi frame that I switched out the large seat tower with a medium about 1 1/2 years ago. The frame fits much better and I'm able to move around easier on the bike.

At that time Titus was no longer building Quasi frames but they would still make towers (I think it was a three month wait) if you ordered one. That seems to have changed now with the "new" Titus company. I know they don't support the older model Switchblades with linkage upgrades either.......
I know its a bit of a pain, especially as its not a cheap frame and one major selling point o me was the tuning factor, oh well. I am really really hoping that someone has a medium tower somewhere, but I am not really sure whats the best way to track one down :(

One thing to add anyone know of any big Titus dealers that might have a medium tower? being in the UK and the Titus local Titus importer dropping the brand doesn't help, so I am happy to import from the US if I can find one that is
and finally RESULT ;) Jeff at Titus managed to track down a tower at Titus and I just need to arrange it with the UK importer and I will be away.

Very happy now :cool: :D
Medium tower dimensions?

I also have a large QM. What does the medium tower change? Height, I'm sure. Does it also change effective top-tube length?
mainly the height I believe, as you could get a selection of different towers and main frames in small, medium & large.

I like the long TT so the large main frame is spot on, but the height was to high for my liking, so hopefully the medium tower will lower me down a bit and I will just run a bit more seat post on the climbs. I *hope* will allow me to move around a bit more at I just felt a bit perched even with the seatpost rlowered as far as it would go when hitting techincal steep sections.

Found out who the new UK importer is as well, and they were very helpful :cool: so I should know for sure in a few weeks when the tower arrives.
No change in top tube length on the large frame....

CampLemur said:
I also have a large QM. What does the medium tower change? Height, I'm sure. Does it also change effective top-tube length?
but the with the medium tower it is much easier to move around on the frame while riding downhill. No change with the seat towers when you sit and pedal......
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