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Titus ML-1 for $599.00

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Titus ML-1 frames are selling for $599.00 at Colorado Cyclist. If I hadn't purchased another frame recently I would jump on this.
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What do you know?

Hey bro- I was thinking about getting better climbing bike. I currently have a Santa cruz heckler. It doesn't climb as well as I would like. however, I was considering a specialized stumpjumper, overall package pretty good. But i just made some upgrades on my heckler and was just thinking about keeping the frame, saving some money and transferring the new parts to a better frame, climbing bike. What are your thoughts on this Titus? I have never heard of the bike before? Is is well known? Good reputation? How can I appropriately make the right size choice without riding it? I am 5'9 185. Thanks for your help.
What, never heard of Titus? well known? bro stick to a NEXT then.. Titus is one of the best frames on the market bar none! Hop on this awesome frame if you can its a good deal!
Some one just told me that the linkage system on his bike broke twice and that is why they have changed the design and are selling those frames like hot cakes. Any of you heard about this problem?
i dont think anyones saying they're the best frames on the market.. and there have been a few aluminum rear end failures.. but still, the ML is a badass bike, im kinda kicking myself now for buying a new bike a couple months ago, would have rather had a motolite!
Well all I know is if I had to rate the 10 best bike frame makers, Titus would def be on that list..

Thanks for all of your help- I went ahead and did it. I am pretty excited. Did a lot of debating and research and it seems as though this was too good of a deal to pass up. So on to the next thing......I plan on switching over some of my components from my heckler such as the 32 Fox Vanilla Fork, 717 Mavic wheels, monkey bars, and maybe the brakes and levers. But I want to definetley get a new crank, pedals, rear and front DER, maybe shifters, cassette, brake levers, and headset. I want to go middle of the road hopefully keeping it 500 or under. Any suggestions? Thanks again. Oh yeah you guys or gals have an estimated weight for this beast! Please say under 30lbs:confused: :confused:
Crank i would go Shimano SLX, cassette Sram PG990, FD XT770, RD either XT, or I'm loving my X9 right now its a rock solid! X9 shifters for X9 RD, XT 770 shifters for XT RD, and a bomb proof headset that won't break the bank for me would be a FSA orbit X... bike should def be under 30lbs

Thanks Dogo- Where would you suggest I look for these items. What are your thoughts with Race Face Crank sets? With the items you mentioned any idea of a price?
bottom brackets are kinda weak, though I am running a evolve XC on my slayer SXC50, and its not that bad, but shimano's are better, and lighter... Jenson has good price on 990 cassette, and you can get the SLX on ebay for a steal.
tomsmoto said:
i dont think anyones saying they're the best frames on the market.. and there have been a few aluminum rear end failures.. but still, the ML is a badass bike, im kinda kicking myself now for buying a new bike a couple months ago, would have rather had a motolite!
.... 'might get flacked for this but I'm under 150 lbs soaking wet and not-too-aggro on my bike. Should I be worried w/ aluminum end failures?
wiggle or chain reaction, cant remember which had their LX cranks for around $85

that's a steal
So what year are these? Anyone got thiers yet?
Yuppo, I bought one last Friday. Only 3 size Med frames left. Working on building her up right now.

It is an '08.
Have any better pics than the stock photo on the website? What's new on the '09 other than the seatstays being carbon?
Titus Motolite has been around for at least 4 or 5 years? and always THE HOT BIKE to get! Until recently when 5" trail bike competition stiffened and Titus decides to update it to a new name: FTM.
Being a owner for two years and previously owned half a dozon similar bikes, I like it more and more each ride. You won't be disappointed by this stiff and nimble frame.

The shifting on my Titus is flawless, Sram's system (that I have) might work better than Simano's, according to some comments on the review board.
Congrats to your big score!
ML-1 Update

I am pretty excited. All the parts have finally trickled in, and I am ready to take her to the Titus shop to have her built up.

My Build

Frame:Titus Ml-1
Fork: '09 Rockshox Revelation 426 Dual Air Uturn
Wheel set: XT M765 centerlock disc hubs laced to Mavic X823 UST rims.
Brakes: '09 Shimano M775 discs with 160mm Shimano centerlock rotors.
Seat post: Maxm CM27 carbon
Stem: Race Face Deus XC 90mm
Handle Bars: Easton Monkeylite SL
Front Derailleur: Sram x-9
Rear Derailleur: Sram x-9
Shifters: Sram x-9 Trigger
Crankset: Truvativ Stylo 3.3 Team
BB: Truvativ BB GXP
Grips: Sette White lock-ons
Pedals: Tioga Spyder Platforms (white, black or silver: undecided)
Headset: Cane Creek s8
UST Sealant: Stans (figured I better buy some even though wheel set is UST all around)
Cassette: Sram 11:34
Tires: Maxxis Cross Mark UST
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I passed on the deal. Post some pics of them once you guys get them built up.
I'm very very tempted. Just don't like to fork out this much money for something sight unseen. There really isn't a dealer around where I can test ride an ML-1.

What size frame did you get?
I got a small and the shock is a smaller size.

Does anyone know any difference between the higher volume and lower volume shocks?

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