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Titus FTM v's Blur LT

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So which way do I go - need soemthingh to replace the last FS which has bit the dust and am looking at something where I can buy the frame only and use the upgrades from my dead bike as they are still good as I had not planned the change!
As in the UK the Titus is a rare breed, but one which my LBS is stocking, I'm looking for anyone who has thad the opportunity of riding both, or has seen reviews other that that in MBR recently. My options are more difficult as at 6'4" there's little opprotunity to test any XL bikes out, have managed to test the LT out (as large), but no chance with the Titus.
Need something that goes up easy, don't we all, and that I can throw at the rocks on teh way down without worring about how the bike will react - but if I'm air borne then I've got something wrong! :nono:
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