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Titanium Spokes

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Right looking at building myself a new front wheel consisting of 823 rim or Deemax silver rim (machined 823) if I can get LBS to persuade Mavic to send them one, 16mm nipples, ti spokes and hope or tune princess front hub.

Now I know Norcosam is running something similar so what is the result tough compliant wheel or flexy vague wheel, I suspect the former but I am looking for real world experiences please......
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I have pro 2's on 823's running Marwi ti spokes(std not coloured).

The ride on them is different they feel like they are flexing but i dont think they are(the spoke tension seems quite high), they seem to numb the contact you could feel to the ground but not in a bad way almost damping the trail buzz.I have had no problems with them and i have hit some pretty big stuff on them,including some 20ft gaps and some largeish drops up to about 6-7ft.
Will give another review later this week after i have ridden them again
Ok, Thanks Norco, I look forward to your observations later in the week.
Any extra weight with Ti spokes norcosam?

Garry AM, look at the Sapium bladed spokes to, I had a great run with them....
Whafe said:
Any extra weight with Ti spokes norcosam?

Garry AM, look at the Sapium bladed spokes to, I had a great run with them....
They are lighter than standard spokes.

From Balfa's website::Weight for 32 spokes is just 114 grams in 252mm length!

Think its only a gram or so per spoke.
Whafe, i had the DT bladed spokes on my EX1750s they seemed very good but they are crazy expensive. Nowt wrong with std spokes is there?
The ti ones are very expensive.Think it was £80 per wheel for the spokes.

Few pictures..


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Got Aerolite spokes on 819's at the moment but I am building up a set of 823's to run wider tyres I will then buy some disc shims so both sets of wheels are interchangeable without adjustment of anything.
why not just use sapim xrays? they are very strong and light. ti spokes tend to be flexy for their weight

here's a quote from sheldon browns website about ti spokes. he's dead now but his advice is timeless and free of marketing driven bs. his opinions on spoke count on front vs rear wheels is something to think about as well

The material of choice for spokes is stainless steel. Stainless is strong and will not rust. Cheap wheels are built with chrome-plated ("UCP")or zinc-plated ("galvanized") carbon-steel spokes, which are not as strong, and are prone to rust.
The leading brands of spokes available in the U.S. market are DT and Wheelsmith.

Titanium is also used for spokes, but, in my opinion it is a waste of money. Titanium spokes should only be used with brass nipples, which makes a combination that is not significantly lighter than stainless spokes with aluminum nipples.

Carbon fibre spokes have been available, but turned out to be brittle and dangerous.
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