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Titanium Chainrings: Action Tec vs Boone vs Cycle Dynamics

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Hi All,

Technically speaking, who produces the better chainrings?

At this point of time I am most interested in a 24T Inner ring.

The prices of Action Tec seem exorbitant in relation to Boone and Cycle Dynamics.

Thank you,
Michael Holberton
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I have about 4 years on a 20 tooth ActionTec and a 31 tooth Boone on an XT HollowTech II. Both have been great, and neither one shows any wear.

Very nice work Mattias_Hellöre.
Unless something has changed, I think it has been a couple years since Boone made anything. The age of that pricelist might have something to do with how cheap they sound
hi have 27 & 40 rings by Mattias

his rings are great, well made and are lasting a very reasonable price he gets my vote every time:thumbsup:
I.S.A.R. on the S.S. forum makes some pretty nice chainrings .
That Cycle Dynamics link is also several years old and no longer accurate. Good luck at getting anybody at Cycle Dynamics to return an e-mail.:rolleyes:
I have several friends that used to run CD chainrings. All of them claim CD is out of business.
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