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Titan Lyrik vs. Zeb

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I currently have a 170mm Lyrik Ultimate and have the option to pass the Lyrik down to the Prime I'm building and get a Zeb Ultimate.

Now, I like the Lyrik. Initially I got it over the Zeb because they were easier to find. Also I figured it was about as capable and quite a bit lighter.

My riding isn't overly aggressive, but I will do small jumps and love a section of big roots and rocks. I live in the PNW, so I have plenty. I'm also not quite a Clyde, but am probably about 215lbs all kitted up.

Do you think I would benefit from a Zeb? Or do you think I should keep the Lyrik and get a Pike for my Prime? Any input would be great.
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I would make the upgrade: Zeb on the Titan and Lyric on the prime.

Banshee models really seem to work really well with burly forks. I just replaced a Fox 34 130mm with a Fox 36 Performance Elite 140mm on my Banshee Phantom (big pro/con discussion about this on a different tread) and it is phenomenal. Turns out the ATC length was only about 5mm more, so it worked out really well. Climbs just as well and is more fun when pointed down. Big win for me.

I wonder if you will notice more improvement on the Prime with the Lyrik Ultimate than the Titan with the Zeb Ultimate. Will you will lower the travel on the Lyrik when it moves to the Prime?
I would install a new airspring on the Lyrik. I would want 140mm I think, but I would have to figure out if I could use one from a Yari/Pike. I think you may be right. I have marginally more to spend on a Zeb vs. a Pike and would end up with stiffer forks on both.
I'd highly recommend going for stiffer fork options, especially as your a bigger guy. Negligable weight gain but significant stiffness gain.
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