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Halo Twin Rails are the best. Basically, when you're riding, you're riding on two rails in the center of the tread, but when things get iffy, there's like an intermediate tread sunken inbetween the rails, and those start digging in. When you rail, the edges really dig in. They even pull great traction in skateparks after a thorough downpour.

Maxxis Holy Rollers are pretty awesome as well.

Kenda K-Rads round out the list.

You don't have to have super wide tires for urban, but people like to run larger tires up front so you get more grip when you turn.

brooklyn bike rider
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i just saw the halo twin rails and they look pretty good.
tho i hear they wear fast.

...JB, what was the point of your post?

dmr motos and kenda krads have a VERY similar tread.
i'm using the motos right now and they're pretty good for most street terrain.
not so predictable in the wet or in the loose tho.

after these are toast i'll go holy roller.

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I would go with,

- Maxxis Highroller
- Hutchinson Python UST
- Maxxis Highroller Semi -Slick
- Maxxix Lopes Bling Bling

I noticed in a picture of Kyle Strait's jumping/urban bike that he was riding with a tire like the Maxxix Hookworm in the back and like the Maxxix Minion in the front which would be a pritty cool set up for urban and DJ. If you want an easy pedaling tire go with a 2.35 - 2.4 - 2.5 if you don't care about pedaling preformance go with a 2.5 in the back and 2.7 in the front.
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