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tires for amelia/markham

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ok guys. got a fisher rumblefish one and love it. but with the more recent "dryness" especially at amelia, i find myself twitching out through turns on the dry sandy dirt that's EVERYWHERE in these parks. i'm looking at schwalbe's website and it's pretty overwhelming how many different tires there are out there. so my question is as follows

what are you guys running effectively out here? size, brand, specify front/rear and why it works...

educate us with less knowledge to be "tire savvy"

everythign i read bout my stock bonty 29-3's says they're awesome and plenty of reviewers live in FL so maybe i'm just wining. i'm gonna go tubeless on them possibly tomorrow and see what happens
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How long have you been riding? Could it be your technique, and not the tires, that is lacking?

I've ridden different tires in Amelia lately, and where it's sandy, your tire is going to sink no matter what... on the turns though I don't have too many problems (except for the times I've gotten thrown off the bike :) )...
There is nothing that will help much when it doesn't rain for a month and 1/2!! There are sandy sections at all parks that are never normally sandy....weight back and keep your arms firm so you don't get squirrely!! There's really just a few small patches of really bad sand....and most are getting fixed pretty quickly...(at least at Amelia!!)
OK. Maybe ill play with a pound or two of pressure and go from thete
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