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Tires for 1st Generation Orbea 29er?

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It seems that the first generation Orbea 29ers weren't capable of holding a wide rear tire. I have heard that only as big as a 1.9 will fit in the rear. I was hoping that i would find someone on here who could enlighten me with factual information concerning this topic. Thanks for your help.

Bigger is Better!
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not so!!

I'm running a Maxxis Ignitor on the back, and it's close with an x-gen, but the 2.1 works well. Stay out of the mud, however.

I'm running a bontrager acx 2.2 on my orbea 29er with no issues yet. rode it in some pretty sloppy conditions too. last years will have a slight amount of paint come off if riding with a 2.1 or 2.2 in the mud. the clearance on my '06 seems to be more generous.
hey barnman, what year is your orbea? Are your tire rubbing alot? Taking Paint off?
I got it in December, and I believe it is an 06. I had initial tire rub with the 2.2 Bontrager. Now it is perfect. The Ignitor tends to carry some rocks, and the paint does suffer there, but it's a mountain bike. It has been a great ride for me.

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