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i recently purchased a cano f5 and it comes with the promax dsk-320 brakes (not sure how i feel about them yet, avids soon but not until i figure out if these are good for me anyway)

i rode it for about 2 hrs kinda hard. everything was well....then i took the tire off to attach to fork mounts and then i put the tire back on the bike and now the disc brake rubs.

i have gotten out the owners manual and basically took the brake off the bike to adjust
it so it would stop rubbing.

its not the inside pad but the outside one (the one that moves)

i have tried the barrel adjuster
i have tried the pad adjuster
i have tried sliding it over on the fork still rubs and i might have made it worse.

i am going to take it to my bike shop to get fixed but if anyone has any suggestions or tricks i would really appreciate it. i would like to ride it tommaro and not have it sit at the shop.....will it ruin the pad or disc if you ride it while it rubs?


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Use caution

I would not recommend riding the bike if you can't get the caliper adjusted to the point where the pads won't rub. Having the patience to wait until the issue is resolved is the thing to do for a number of reasons to include safety (there may be a bigger issue with the caliper and it may not function properly while on the trail) and the fact that you may damage the caliper further if the issue is bigger than a simple adjustment.


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How much is it rubbing? Is it like a little rub when you are riding along, or is it actually dragging?

By the sounds of it, you might have snagged the pad with the rotor when you put the wheel back in, and pulled it out a little. My cable Formulas used to do the same thing from time to time. You might be able to GENTLY push it back in a little with a flat bladed screwdriver, while the wheel is out, being careful not to gouge at the pad.

The other thing you might try if it's just lightly rubbing, is to play with how tight you set up the quick release on the wheel. If you set the QR up really tight, it can pull the fork tips slightly inwards - and the brake being attached to the fork will go in with them.

Light rubbing won't damage anything - but heavy rubbing will make it hard to ride!
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