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Tire width with Sultan

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Does anyone know how wide of a tire that you can fit in a sultan? Any suggestions?
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Run as wide as you want. I've run everything from a 2.5 Weirwolf, 2.3 Stout, and 2.35 Rampage. All had plenty of room.
Would the 2.35 rampage perform better that the 2.5 weirwolf in snow and hard pack conditions? I have heard usually the wider the better, but tread would also come into play, correct?

Anything else wider out there?
The Rampages would make a better snow tire due to the bigger knobs. The Weirwolf LT is a high volume tire but not much bigger than the Rampage, and the knobs are very low profile. The WTB Stout is probably the biggest knobbiest and heaviest thing out there in a 29er right now.
For snow, I'd toss on a pair of 2.3 WTB Stouts or 2.2 Bonty ACXs. I've run both in snow a few times, and they work better than the Rampage. Deeper, sharper knobs is my theory.
I concure with kosmo. The Stout hooks up better than probably every other 29er tire out there but it's pretty heavy. The 2.5 WW is a high volume, low knob tire - not a lot of bite on that one.
I'll chime in and recommend the Stout as well. I don't know of a single tire that hooks up better than the Stout. Tho for mud, it is impossible to beat the Conti Mountain King, so that may be another good choice for snow as well. Fairly lightweight when compared to the stout, and similar volume. The WW does not have a lot of bite.
The WW has plenty of bite in the right conditions, it's just not the grip monster that others are in loose conditions. If you ran Kessel's Run at Fruita all day - these are ideal.

Can't hurt to try one - tire tastes are pretty specific to the individual and their riding style.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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