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Tire Site redesigned

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Bringing the Tire Site back to functionality.:thumbsup:
Some new content.
Easier to read and navigate.
Most of the old spec charts are up and currently adding the new info.
The new format is easier to update so expect frequent new posts.
Same addy as belowVV
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'Bout time, I've been going through withdrawals for a while.
Nice, Shiggy. It's about time! I am happy to see you are reporting on the
WTB Graffiti UK as a "Dual Sport" Tire. I could never find a single review on those tires. Neither the Graffiti SF which I particularly like because it's lighter, more slick like with the same aggressive tread just not as deep, and symbolizes more than "Street Fighter" - San Francisco!!!
Very glad to have your reference back, and better than before, thanks Don!
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