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Hi All -

I'm curious what some of you racers are using for tire pressure for UST's?

I understand that lower pressures are possible on UST's (no pinching) and that allows for better gripping, but most race courses I've seen are not too technical, and therefore I'd rather run harder (and therefore high rolling efficiency) rather than run softer and grippier.

I'm relatively new to UST's and have tried 32, 34, 36, and 40 PSI. Call me insensitive (yes I've heard that one before) but I can't feel the difference!

I weigh 200 pounds and race in Colorado, where there is an occasional stream crossing but otherwise races are generally dry. Some have some moderate rock sections, and some have moderate root areas, but typically the courses are smooth hardpack (although never level!). I'm not sure if it matters, but I ride a FS bike (Specialized Epic).

This is a general question about UST tires in general, but I am also curious about pressures for the specific tires I run: Hutchinson Python Lites.

Thanks in advance.
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