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OFP508 said:
Good shots Shiggy - lotsa a logs up there I see.... Where the chainsaws?
(Almost) all the work is done. Two small trees came down in the last week or so. The rest is clear. Tire Mountain is in the best shape I have ever seen it and I have been riding there since about 1987.

We (the DOD and friends) have spent many hours over many years clearing this and other trails in the area, but you know that.

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vicarious existence

Family duties kept me off the trails this weekend.Shiggy, thank you for the beautiful photographs.I must completely agree with you about Tire Mt. That trail is a great example of the herculean efforts and diligence by the DOD and the X-MEN.Thank you all... now... what about 2006 Creampuff results... please.m-25
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