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tire combo guidance

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Looking for a fast, grippy tire for a trail w/lots of hardpack and a few real rooty/rocky techie sections. These are my choices:
Fr: Nevegal R: Block 8?
Fr: Racing Ralph R: Block 8?
Fr: Nevegal R: Racing Ralph?

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Any loose rocks? If so I wouldn't use a RR front.

And for roots and rocks the Nev on front is ok but not great. BG or MK would be better. The Nev is better suited to soft or loose conditions.
Echo what fsrxc says about nevs... factor in that theyre pretty slow rolling too.

The BG is a much better front tire for general trail use IMO and it rolls quicker than the nev too
I didnt like the MK at all - only had standard compound, rolled OK but shouldnt really be mentioned in the same breath as Nev/BG (DtC or stickE) for confidence inspiring. (Only had a short ride on someone elses protection version of the MK, not enough time to really comment though).

Theres loads of good rear tires out there.

Personally thinking my next combo will be BG (2.35) front with Karma (2.2) rear :p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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