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Tear it all out!
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Now that the park has been open for a couple of weekends now, what is the hot tire choice for the Whistler bike park?

To be mounted on a 03 Bullit with a 02 Boxxer.

I have a few tires in my tire pile that I can use for a front but most of my rears are done. I think I need to buy something for the rear.

I've read here that the Michelins don't work that well up there?

Front choices:
2.7 Maxxis Mobster 50 compound
2.7 Intense (old version)
2.8 Michelin
2.6 Gazzolodi (sp?)

2.5 Maxxis Mobster 60 compound
2.5 Michelin

On the rear I've also ran 2.6 Kenda Kollosal (hated it), 2.35 Intense (flatted with it even at high pressure), 2.5 Maxxis High Roller (worn out).

So what is the hot Whistler tire set up?

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Any skicky type rubber will work!

Last Sunday it was a little most up there but not too bad. I have the Tomac Navegal on my rear, which is the same tred design as the Intense 909. I have a super sticky Maxis in front, but that tire is kind of small. so it has to go for a Tomach Blue grove sticky.

Nationals track here I come!

Bill Dog

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You might want to look at the Minions...

I ran Mobsters up there last year and they worked well. Since last fall I have been running Minions and High Rollers in the 42a compound. Out of these I like the Minions the best. I'll be running a 2.7/2.5 Minion set up there this year in 60a (probably won't get up there for a least another month so the softer compound should not be needed).
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