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Tips and Tricks Thread

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Some motorcycle forums I waste too much time at often have a Tips and Tricks thread stickied, or even it's own forum. It makes it very easy to find shock overhauls like the one for the DHX coil, ot Boxxer rebuild etc.
I know there's a search function, but often it is hard to shift through all the junk to get to what you're trying to find.
The Moderator can have final say on if the Tip or Trick is worthy of being placed.

Just a thought.:thumbsup:

Anyone else feel it's a good idea? Or waste of time?
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Most of the time the really good tips and trix kind of evolve from a normal thread i.e somebody starts a thread asking for a solution to a specific problem, and then the combination of one or more replies forms the "tips and tricks".

I think the best idea would be to have a tagging system combined with the forum sections. That way people could still post their questions in the "normal" sections, and then depending on the worthiness of the responses, the thread could earn a "tips and tricks" tag.

Merry Christmas all
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