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Tip on 29er Transalp tyres

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Any thoughts on good allround 29er tyres for a Transalp?

The obvious sets:
Dry: Racing Ralp fr 2.4/ r2.25
Wet Continental Mountain King fr 2.4 / r 2.2

Other good possibilities? Thx:thumbsup:
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I like the Mt. King but would run the 2.4 in the rear as well. I think it gives a bit better bite and more give for a hardtail.
assume you are talking transalp race??

I did it in 2003 on a 26" used maxxis Larsen TTs.

on a 29er i would go for the fastest rolling thing you can get , but one with a bit of sidewall knob for the front.

most of the downhills are dirt road with good clean lines but with some fast corners, so you want the knobs out wide for this.

I would run something like a gearx barro onthe front and small block eight on the rear, or if you want big volume a racing ralphs.
Thx! I'll look into those. Am also looking into tubeless, bummer that that limits the choices.
as most of the race is hard pack or tarmac and non-technical, I am not sure the benefits of tubeless would be useful. either or really. you can convert any tire to tubeless. some stay up better than others some are crap
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