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Tiny Jump Ramp Geometry

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Built my first ramp, about 42" long and 19" high, flat with no transition or curve, works out to around 21 degrees. I'm sure it's possible to get some height out of it, but is it supposed to feel more like a drop? I've gotten way more height from a (nicely curved) 6" curb transition. How much difference does a transition make? Thinking about adding 6" to it on the front for an 18" transition, making it just longer than my wheelbase instead of just shorter.
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Yeah 19x42 is pretty long and low, so thats partly why I'd think, also the slack of curve. I have a small jump of similiar size that feels like a jump, it probably isn't that long though (maybe 36? idk), and more like 20-24 inches and it's got some kick.
That is going to feel more like a drop. Without any curvature, its hard to develop much of a natural arc in the air. With some speed and pressing into the base your ramp, you can get a little lift but it'll be more of an assisted bunny hop than a booter. And without a matching landing, you're landing to flat so pushing off like a drop is a better approach.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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