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Tink? I think?

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Guess it wasn't my seat-rails creaking!! :thumbsup:

And yes, I do have an email into the MotherShip......cheers!
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Man, that sucks. Maybe since it's along the weld, it can be cleaned and rewelded with no trouble, provided no replacements are available.

So, how hard do you ride?
I think, I think, it's gonna be a DW link.
No Dw-link for a while, [I live in Michigan after all - you know that recession you all are just beginning to get used to, well we've had it for years before it got popular! I'm one of the 3 people here in MI, who still have a job!], but my main triangle is pretty new so it'd be silly for me to throw out the baby with the bath water...all I'll be gettin' is a new rear end, prolly the TNT style, since Horst rear ends are pretty much dissappearo...

Stay tuned!
I would see if you can keep it around and get it repaired, for yourself, or someone else... Those parts won't be around forever...
The new arm is already on the plane [Thanks Greg!!!!!]

I think the crack had been there for a bit, cuz I'd been plagued by a creak/tink/click for a few weeks and had been unable to locate it. Prolly why the metal had disappeared from the cracked weld from flexing too much...Only by sheer luck, was I able to glance up and spot the irregularity while getting the bike off the roof rack....sometimes you just get lucky!

Still, I'm amazed that I can just pick up the phone, call the factory, and get it all fixed in 5 minutes.....Turner is the Best!
what's the dimple up a little further on the yoke? Is that from the front dérailleur hitting?
SSINGA said:
what's the dimple up a little further on the yoke? Is that from the front dérailleur hitting?
Don't really know....but, now that you mention it, it does look like it could be.....I did move the derailleur a bit lower since moving to a smaller 42t chainring......can't quite go to a 2-ring setup since I still like to RIDE to the trail sometimes, instead of driving the car.

But, sad, the last jump for my 2004 rear chainstay arm....
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