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I've been running WTB TyranoRaptors for about 3 years now and I've been very happy with them. They offer great lateral traction so I don't slide much on off camber roots, and enough vertical traction to keep me churning along until the mud gets really nasty. The tread is pretty worn, so it's time for a replacement.

I live in the northeast, so I have to deal with rocks and roots (flat and off camber), dry hardpack, and mud. I've got a set of Ritchey ZMax Pros, and they are great in the mud, but offer no lateral traction, which is a problem on wet roots/rocks, especially the off camber ones. They also feel very slow, which is frustrating at times.

I'm looking for something in a 2.1-.2.3, tubed, reasonably light (under 700g), and reasonably fast. I doubt there is a do-it-all tire that's good in everything I ride, so my priorities are wet rock/roots and dry hardpack. If they aren't good in the mud, I can deal with it - I can use the Ritcheys if it's going to be really sloppy.

So what do people suggest? I've heard that the Fire XC pros are good, but I question their lateral traction. What about Kenda Klaws? I'd probably want to try running the front tread design in the back as well... for better lateral traction. Conti Vertical Pros also look good, and I've read good stuff about them.
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