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Time to get an suv/truck

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I'm looking at getting a used truck or suv, thinking about an xterra, tacoma, wrangler, etc. I currently have a 2002 Grand prix gt with 100,000 miles in excellent condition, so I have a budget of around 5k (I'd want a fair trade or cash and car). I don't really care about the year, but would prefer mileage to be not much higher (I know some vehicles last longer than others though) and want to try manual, it's really fun. I'd use it for everything I do, which is a lot of outdoors stuff (ie hauling a kayak trailer and stuff). Just wondering whats out there, I've tried craigslist but everything I've seen has been scams. I'm working at a scout camp so I can't go out and look around either, and don't have much time to research, so thanks in advance. just wondering what possibilities are out there.

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