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Time to get a new wheel?

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I've got a second hand sun single track rear wheel (hub unknown, most likely whatever came with the 2005 bighit) that I seem to be having a lot of spoke tension, wheel truing, and spoke breaking problems. It seems that in the last year I break spokes on this wheel almost every 2 months if I'm riding regularly. This happens when I'm only when I'm riding technical XC trails. If I ride the local "DH" lines, which are well groomed, flowy, but with some jumps mixed in, or even the chunkier lines, I never have a problem. The wheel never seems to true too well (always a bit of a wobble).

I'm wondering if its time to start looking at a new rear wheel, and if so, what would be some good options. If it comes to getting a new wheel, I don't want to blow the bank, but I would like something lighter. Just cruising the PB classifieds, it looks like I could get a saint rear 10mm thru for about 100 bucks (either on an ex-325, or rhyno lite), or a hope pro II laced to a 36H halo combat (more $, and I'm not sure that the halo rim would save me any weight). Lastly, I could get the Easton Havoc AM wheelset from pricepoint for ~$230.

FWIW, this is going on my Wildcard, currently riding with a 66rc3 up front. I'd like to eventually have the bike be around 35lbs, it's probably over 40 now (too embarrassed to put it on a scale). My original intent for the bike was to be a burlier AM build that was capable when pointed downhill and could still handle the occasional resort ride if I ever get the ability to go ride a resort.
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i had a similar problem when i built up my knolly dt, i went for a lightish wheel build hope pro 2's on mavic xm 717 rims... after having them built for the 3rd time in whistler, i decided to get a stronger rim and new spokes, im now running ex721 rims, and they seem to be holding up fine,
You don't need a Halo Combat for that kind of riding. The Halo Freedom will take anything but the craziest stuff. Build them on the Hope Pro 2s for a solid, fit and forget wheel that won't break the bank. The Freedom's are about 550gs each, and for that weight, they really are very strong.
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