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This runs really long; the short version is to use the cleats that come with your pedals.

I posted a poll a little while ago regarding the degree of release used on Time/ Eggbeater pedals. I switched to the higher degree because I was pulling out. Turns out that was not the problem; the problem was the cleats were worn (see below center). The problem I am having now is the shoes are also worn. Time pedals rely on raised area of a SPD shoe that protects the cleat when you walk on it, to also stabilize to contact area between the two. Unfortunately the raise area has worn down, so a new cleat sits considerably higher. This causes the shoes to rock from side to side on the cleat.

Well I was about to grind down the new cleats until I noticed the difference between the old and new cleats. The older cleats had stars stamped on the "left" pedal to signify which side was the 13 deg side (install the star on the right and the cleats will release at 15 deg). Yours is the newer cleats with D(droit)/ R(right) on one pedal and G(gauche)/L(left). Set them up as stamped for 13 deg, reverse for 15 deg. However, I also noticed the area between the contact tabs older cleats is solid, but the newer cleats have that area material relieved. Suddenly this made sense. The older cleats were made for pedals that have a flat plastic plate across the top. This plate flexes under the pressure of the cleat, so the raised area of the shoe can contact the pedal without the rocking motion I talked about earlier. The newer ATAC/XS looses the plate and the cleat now rests on the composite or aluminium body. The relieved area of the newer cleats allows the cleat to sit lower in the pedal, and eliminates the rocking motion I talked about earlier. As long as the earlier cleat was worn down level with the raised area of the shoe, this wasn't a problem.

This is the kind of problem one has when you keep things for a long time. So sports fans, there is a significant difference between the Time ATAC cleats, so pay attention to what you have and what your using.


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