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Time Lapse Trail Building Movie

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Our trail building group FTA ( recently got the opportunity to design and build a course for our local Nor Cal Team. Different from most of our USFS and public trail contracts, this had design parameters much different. One way, fast, sustainable.

We have been cutting the trail in using our excavator to pull trees, brush and to do the rough cut and then we follow it up with our ditchwitch. It has been great fun. Recently a local photographer came out and shot this short film of some of our trail building.


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that was great.

I've often lamented the fact we have almost zero photos from trail days (too busy building). Seeing this makes me believe it'd be worth the time.

waaay cool!! :thumbsup:
So cool!
Really cool stuff. I really need to get over there and ride with the team and check it out. Been to busy building over at that other place before this s--t weather came in. Call me and we can hook up on any of the currrent projects. Have mini excavators, will travel.
Photographers love getting out and doing stuff. I do. It's very good to document work like this, at least for getting others involved.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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