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Hi all, a few questions and some advice and opinions needed please concerning training for endurance events/races 40-100miles. How would you structure your training week(s) during base if you only had 6-10hrs per wk available to train?

Is it possible to build a good enough base to allow solid progression into the build periods ready for races of this length? What type of workouts would be best during this period?

I’m 41yo and starting November will be my forth season of racing following a fairly standard endurance training model aiming to peak usually no more than twice, every year I tweak it as I go along to accommodate what ever changes and requirements I feel necessary. Every year I seem to be making progress and I can be fairly competitive and hold a good pace during 40-60mile races, but I’m keen to be the best I can be during 100mile races and always want to be faster.:smilewinkgrin:

During build & peaks reduced training hours is not a problem as the most of the workouts are of high-very high intensity and I welcome the rest days in between, but I never know if I am getting the best out of my base periods as I’m sure, like others I am unable to commit to 20-30hr training weeks doing long zone 2 rides that are required to build a strong enough endurance base.:rolleyes:

Most of my base will be done either on the road or on the trainer during the bad weather. This year during base 1 & 2 I am going to concentrate mainly on a few shorter 1-2hr tempo (Z3) road/trainer rides during the week with a longer 3-5hr (Z1-2) road ride at the weekend. I plan on completing base 3 twice, with the inclusion of some short to longer low cadence hill intervals and later on some short threshold intervals so among other things I can step up and get straight into some solid 2x20 threshold workouts during the 8-10wk build & peak periods.

Thanks for reading, I often wonder how others manage their base training and get the most out of what time they have to train, any thoughts?
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