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Timberline, WV

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I rode Timberline for the first time on Sunday. The crew showed me around and I had a blast. If you like natural, challenging terrain, this is the place. Steep chutes, rock gardens, tight trees, tangled's all there. It was nice to take a break from climbing and just ride the fun stuff all day long. J.R. and the guys are friendly and enthusiastic about building a great network of trails and making Timberline a riding destination. I'll be going back again soon.
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Hey... I am SO glad you had a great time.
Come on back any time. I even got some photos of you: so share with your friends: or stay tuned with
Sunday's Photos:
(** With a special coverage with Doc - a rare occasion to see him on a 4x4, smiling, happy... well: SUPER HAPPY)
Yeah, it's cool to hear some folks digging our trails here at Timberline, and especially a thanks yous to Ludovic. It would be incredibly awesome to see more folks come out and ride the trails, and maybe help out with some trail work!
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