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Tilt Attachment -Mini Skid

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We have an older Toro Dingo w/ 4:1 bucket and separate 4 way blade (factory toro stuff has held up well).

Located in WNC and mostly focus on trail maintenance; very, very rarely build new trail.

Most of our mini ski work (singletrack on old logging road) is reshaping grade reversals, cleaning sediment, knocking off lower edge of trail for drainage (knicks), moving & placing rock armoring, etc. For the steep, nasty and new trails, we normally hire the pros.

Looking at new Bobcat MT55 and potentially a tilt attachment (link here) with standard bucket. Seems like this tilt would be great for our drain shaping as it would bring additional efficiency to our operators.

A few questions:
-How durable are these aftermarket tilt attachments?
-Do these need much upkeep or service?
-We normally run machine about 100 hours a year (we are volunteers); how long will this last?
-Is this worth the $2200 price tag?
-Other comments or thoughts which I'm not thinking of!

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I used a mini dozer with a 6:1 blade and it was the bomb, waaay better than a 4:1, but the attachment ain’t cheap.

It’ll save you time and effort, it’d be worth it to me if I was building a bunch of trail.
There's also a very similar one by Bradco/Paladin: Works out to $1720, plus shipping ($265 in my case). Been tempted to get one for years and might for next season. I've been using a 6 way blade or straight bucket so far. You'd probably do great with a 6 way blade. Todd Branham is a wizard with them if you wanted any local advice.
I can say that these devices of the secondary market are not the most durable, it still depends on how you take care of it
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