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tick prevention

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rode camp robinson today with a buddy. trails in somewhat poor condition, the spring rains really took their toll. a lot of overgrowth, cobwebs, spiders and TICKS. i had 6 ticks and my buddy ended up with 13! big ticks and little ticks just lots of ticks. generously applied deep woods off prior to the ride and it obviously made zero difference. any suggestions?
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Long pants / sleeves? Surely someone makes coverall type clothes designed to prevent ticks that won't interfere with the bike. Just look for a light enough fabric to be tolerable on a hot summers day. You could back them in a saddlebag and take them off when you no longer need them
going to try this tomorrow:

it was 98 with heat index of 109 when we rode today at 515...
I use that Ultrathon. The skeeters practically die before they land on you. Strong stuff! It makes me nervous using it. Hmm, cancer or lyme disease, I can't choose. If I use the Ultrathon I try to clean it off as soon as possible but it works good. You could also go "Roady" and shave the hair off your legs so ticks got no rope climb to grab onto.
did the ultrathon today and no ticks! 100% deet is a bit worrisome. i would try the permethrin but i have 3 cats...
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