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I'm making a list of my fork options for a new Ti SS. I'm trying to collect a/c and offset info mainly, don't care much about weight as the forks are all close enough. I'm going custom Ti and need to decide on a a-c measurement to go from.

So far my short list is:

Reba 29 (2008) 80mm 38mm offset 489 a-c
Fox F29 80mm 46mm offset 480.8 a-c
White Bros Magic 80 ?? offset 483 a-c

Wait for the 2009 Reba 80mm. (Is this going to have a 20mm Maxle light option, or is that going to only be on longer travel forks?)

I haven't found the offset for the Magic 80 yet. I found the 650b offset, but not sure if it is the same.

I have a Reba Race w/ pop loc on my 26er and am happy with it. It's not the plushest, smoothest thing, but I have it locked out of partially locked out for 75% of my riding. I use a thumb shifter instead of the pop loc lever so I can place the fork anywhere in between full open and fully locked out. I'm really gotten used to using the fork like this and don't mind sacrificing some downhill comfort but the efficiency in climbing. For this reason I'm leaning towards the Reba 29er and staying with the pop loc feature.

I've read a lot of great reports of the Magic 80s platform though. I don't know any local riders who have it unfortunately. I'm curious how it performs with out-of-the-saddle grunt climbs on a SS. Will it over-come the platform? The only real negative things I've heard about the Magic is stiction, frequent oil changes and an overall firmer suspension than the Reba and Fox. The last bit doesn't bother me much, as I am not used an overly plush fork and with 80mm of travel, I'm not expecting it.

The Fox also looks appealing, but I'm not crazy about the lack of remote lock-out. It's quite frustrating to hear they have one now for the 26 version but not for 29?? anyhow. I've owned a PUSHed Vanilla 100mm and know how plush the Fox forks can be. How does the lock-out blowoff feature work with out-of-the-saddle climbing on a SS??

Thanks for all the help guys!! I'm also thinking about taking into consideration the a-c measurements of a couple rigid forks for if/when I decide to go rigid. My short list there is a Vicious fork 470mm a-c and the Origin-8 carbon fork 465mm a-c.

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If the fork is ... as you say, for a single speed, then you really need the lockout option on it.

There are techniques for over coming front end bob when climbing / mashing up hills on forks without lockout, but it's a pita to have to use this technique when a simple lockout will allow you to concentrate more fully on making the climb and not having to worry about bob.

So then, my recommendation is to steer clear of any fork that doesn't have lockout for a SS bike.

Apart from that proviso, anything goes.

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